Female-to-female transmission that is sexual of

Key points

  • The possibility of female-to-female intimate transmission is excessively unusual, with just a few reported situations.
  • HIV-positive women that identify as lesbian might have acquired HIV through inserting medication usage or intercourse with guys.
  • Transmission is achievable through sharing of adult sex toys and contact with blood while having sex.

When it comes to the problem of female-to-female intimate transmission it is crucial to attract a difference amongst the threat of transmission by this route and diagnoses of HIV illness in women whom identify as lesbian. There has been only six reported situations of woman-to-woman intimate transmission, and these reports have to be seen with the exact same caution as just about any situation reports of transmission through dental sex (cunnilingus).

Within the very early many years of the epidemic, investigations regarding the way to obtain illness in United States ladies failed to recognize any full situations of female-to-female transmission. As an example, a 1992 followup of all of the 144 ladies identified as HIV-positive through the bloodstream contribution solutions in the usa interviewed 106 ladies, and identified just three that has had intercourse with ladies. A few of these ladies had other danger facets: either inserting medication use or genital sex with males (Chu).

An Italian research of 18 HIV-discordant lesbian partners who had previously been monogamous lovers for at the very least 90 days just before recruitment and who have been followed for 6 months discovered no seroconversions happened during this time period. Three-quarters regarding the partners reported sharing adult toys and practically all partners reported dental intercourse (Raiteri).

In 2003 an incident report of female-to-female intimate HIV transmission had been posted.

Physicians recommend the girl might have been contaminated through sharing sex toys after drug-resistance tests discovered striking similarities between your genotypes regarding the girl along with her female partner that is HIV-positiveKwakwa).

The outcome has to do with a 20-year-old girl whom offered HIV infection having had an adverse HIV test result six months early in the day. The girl have been in a monogamous relationship that is lesbian the last couple of years, and denied having had virtually any sexual lovers, man or woman. She had never ever inserted medications or gotten bloodstream services and products, and had no tattoos or body piercings. The couple’s intimate techniques included the sharing of adult toys, and dental intercourse. These tasks failed to take place during menstruation, but adult sex toys had periodically been utilized vigorously sufficient to draw bloodstream.

Her partner that is bisexual was become HIV good, and it is thought to be the foundation of disease due to similarities seen whenever two females underwent genotypic drug-resistance tests. The woman that is 20-year-old contaminated with multidrug-resistant HIV.

The detectives noted that here is the “first reported instance of female-to-female transmission that is sexual of sustained by identification of comparable HIV genotypes within the supply client as well as the receiver”.

In 2014, an additional situation report had been posted, at this juncture sustained by phylogenetic analysis, which revealed that the hereditary sequences for the viruses infecting the 2 females were very associated (Chan).

The report involves a 46-year-old girl who seems to have obtained HIV during a six-month monogamous HIV serodiscordant intimate relationship with a woman that is 43-year-old. She had possessed an antibody that is negative a couple of days before seroconversion infection and diagnosis.

Her feminine partner have been formerly clinically determined to have HIV but had fallen away from health care bills and had not been getting antiretroviral treatment. The newly identified girl had hardly any other risk that is recent for HIV, such as for instance heterosexual sex, inserting medication usage, or maybe more unusual modes of HIV transmission such as for example tattooing, acupuncture, transfusion or transplant.

Relates to the lips, for instance a medication taken by lips.


A drug-resistant HIV stress is the one which is less vunerable to the consequences of just one or higher anti-HIV medications as a result of a build up of HIV mutations with its genotype. Opposition could possibly be the outcome of an undesirable adherence to treatment or of transmission of an virus that is already resistant.

Kissing, licking or sucking someone else’s genitals, in other words. fellatio, cunnilingus, a blow work, offering mind.

danger element

A piece of individual behavior or indian bride scams indian lifestyle, an environmental visibility, or your own attribute this is certainly regarded as related to contamination or even a condition that is medical.

instance report

Defines the medical background of the solitary client.

The few reported regularly having unprotected dental and contact that is vaginal utilizing insertive adult sex toys which were provided between them. They described their contact that is sexual as times rough to the stage of inducing bleeding and experience of menstrual bloodstream.

The final two situation states both sharing that is involved of toys and experience of blood while having sex.